Aakash BYJU'S Hackathon

Aakash BYJU'S is excited to announce our first-ever hackathon competition that encourages hackers and coders to design innovative solutions aimed at optimizing real life, ongoing projects.

Benefits include:

  • Life time opportunity to compete in the ultimate hackathon challenge
  • Exciting Prizes and goodies
  • Awards & Certificates
  • Opportunity to work in our Technology Innovation Lab with the industry leaders and cutting-edge tech transformation in the ed-tech space and more

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Hackathon Roadmap


4th January - 20th February

1st Round

21st January - 20th February

Prototype Round

9th - 20th February


Kindly join the Zoom link to Winners Ceremony

28th February

Time: 2PM- 3PM

Meeting ID: 943 860 4371 Passcode: 121212

Meeting Link

Results Are Out

# Name Email Address Results
Rohan Goyal rohan.me2014@gmail.com Winner
Praveen Satyappa Jainapur praveenjainapur007@gmail.com 1st Runner Up
Suvankar Majumder suvankar.majumder@gmail.com 2nd Runner Up
Priyanka priyankaexplorer@gmail.com Top Female Coder

Top 5 Submissions

S. No. Name Email Address
1. Ranjan Kumar ranjank326@gmail.com
2. Lokananda lokanandahj97@gmail.com
3. Seelam Jagadeeswara Reddy jagguseelam@gmail.com
4. Anand anandgautam9911@gmail.com
5. Bharathcs bharathcs888@gmail.com

About Aakash BYJU'S

Aakash Education is the leading test-prep company in India with an enduring vision of helping students achieve their aspirations and an unparalleled track record of results built over three decades. Our commitment to a ‘Student First’ Approach has been at the core of all our initiatives. Whether it is a new product launch or tech innovations to make the student experience more engaging and meaningful, Aakash leaves no stone unturned to offer simply the best.

Together with BYJU'S - India’s largest ed-tech company - we are now bigger, better and bolder and have embarked on a hyper growth transformational journey. We endeavor to change the test-prep business through technology driven hybrid solutions to complement a robust and fast growing national footprint of centers that enables us to help students across the nation.

To the employees we offer an environment that encourages innovation, collaboration and engagement. We are looking for exceptional leaders who are agile, big thinkers, challenge the status-quo and thrive in an environment that encourages innovation, collaboration and engagement.

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All candidates need to apply through the registration link. Candidates can register only once. Multiple registrations will lead to disqualification from the event.

The online registration will start on 4th January 2022, 9.00AM IST, and ends on 20th February 2022, 9.00AM IST. The assessment will start on 21st January 2022, 9.00AM IST, qualified individuals will advance to the Prototype Round starting from 9th February 2022. Results will be communicated via email on 22nd February 2022.

We only suggest the candidates to participate in the challenges from laptop/desktop.

The languages that you can write code in can be selected on the assessment platform, if applicable.

All registration and assessment related issues are to be addressed at mettl-support@mercer.com.

“Yes, Students from any Engineering colleges across India who are having 2+ Years of experience in Front-End Development / Back-End Development are allowed."

The code will be tested against various testcases. Winners will be chosen based on most questions with optimal solutions.

Yes, you can change the coding language during the assessment. However the previous code entered can't be retrieved and the candidate would have to rewrite the whole code again.